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Why The End Of GWO (Google Website Optimizer) Is The Greatest Thing Ever?

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If you haven’t heard, Google is changing “Google Website Optimizer” into “Content Experiments”. I personally feel that this is the best thing ever because a lot more people are going to move AWAY from using Google’s website optimization tools... Read More »

Optin Page Testing

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Optin pages are one of the very best places to learn split-testing. Why? Because you can get tons of results daily (even if you have only a little bit of traffic). You can really test tons and tons of... Read More »

Speed Is King

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In today’s hyper-wired world of satellites, and internet: speed is king. I once heard it said that 1 year on the internet is equal to 7 years offline. Nowadays, I think it’s more like 10 years or more. And... Read More »

The Ultimate Value of Google Adwords

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99% of marketers think of Adwords as one of the best places to get traffic. And they’re mostly right. However, in my opinion the ULTIMATE VALUE of Adwords is the speed and ease of its split testing power. Quite... Read More »

Focusing on The Critical Factors of Profitability

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Time… resources… energy… are all very, very limited. That’s why you should be… focusing on the critical factors of profitability. There’s one big problem that marketers have when split testing: there’s an almost infinite number of options to test... Read More »

Understanding Entire Marketing Pathways

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Many marketers make the mistake of looking at things in isolation. They only see the parts, and not the whole sales process. As marketers, we see: ads, optin pages, sales letters, order pages and upsell pages. However, as a... Read More »

Developing The Right Business Building Mindset

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Very few “experts” will ever admit that their suggestions are simply their BEST GUESSES. I’m almost willing to bet that if you go to 100 big Madison avenue advertising agencies, not one will ever say: “You know what Mr.... Read More »