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Developing The Right Business Building Mindset

Very few “experts” will ever admit that their suggestions are simply their BEST GUESSES.

I’m almost willing to bet that if you go to 100 big Madison avenue advertising agencies, not one will ever say:

“You know what Mr. Jones… We’ve got what we think is a great idea. But the real truth is… We have no clue if this is going to work or not. So let’s test it and find out.”

Now don’t get me wrong. Many expert opinions are very valuable and have tremendous impact.

But the reality is, no one “knows” anything until it’s actually tested and the market votes with their wallets and credit cards.

Markets and people’s behaviors are changing faster than ever now, thanks to the web. And yet, at the same time, the internet and technology has allowed a new breed of business builders to emerge who understand this key principle.

I call them “Extreme Optimizers”.

These are the people that apply the same techniques and processes that my team and I use to optimize our own business and other businesses’ marketing.


The Winning Mindset


In our optimization company, one of our core values is: “Testing ends all arguments”.

That’s because split-testing crushes opinions and theories and replaces them with market-driven realities. So instead of guesswork, you have real-world results to guide your decision making.

And the best mindset to have as you test is a simple, curiosity-driven “Don’t Know” attitude. You say to yourself: “I’m going to try this and see what happens.” And as they say: “The numbers don’t lie.”

Too many marketers let their opinions blind them. They think they “know what works” because they’ve been “writing sales letters for years” or they’ve been “running their business for years”.

But a more effective, and arguably more profitable, attitude to have is, “I don’t know anything – I’m just going to let the market tell me what works and what doesn’t.”

And when you get deep into testing, you’ll discover that 80% of the ideas that you were sure were “great” don’t work… while the crazy ideas, that you never thought would work, end up boosting your conversion rates.

After a while, you quickly start realizing that you don’t know much. AND THAT’S A HUGE BREAKTHROUGH… because then you’ll let your market, prospects and clients TELL you what works and what doesn’t instead.

It’s a critical and important paradigm shift that can make all the difference to your results.

What’s your experience with split testing? Let us know in the comments below.