[VIDEO] is Google plus a scam?


Maybe you’re not sure if you should spend time and energy and resources on Google plus. Let me tell you, you should 100%, no question about it. Google is giving very heavy advantages to companies that use Google plus.... Read More »

How to hit the marketing bullseye every single time


Starting a project without doing some deep research is like parachuting in the middle of the jungle in the middle of the night without a map or compass after drinking a 40 oz of whiskey. The odds of “finding... Read More »

The GREATEST marketing secret ever

advertising / copywriting / marketing / video sales letters

The GREATEST marketing secret ever I’m going to share what I consider the greatest marketing secret ever. First here’s the definition of “Golden Rules”: It’s a concept or tactic that you can apply to almost any website and get... Read More »

Understanding Entire Marketing Pathways

marketing / website optimization

Many marketers make the mistake of looking at things in isolation. They only see the parts, and not the whole sales process. As marketers, we see: ads, optin pages, sales letters, order pages and upsell pages. However, as a... Read More »