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Fuel for your Warrior Spirit [mp3 audio]

Just posted this audio for you on what I call “Warrior Spirit”.

Have a listen to this 7-minute story of how I’ve cultivated it in my life, and how you can too.

Click the PLAY button below to begin listening now…

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Enjoy – And let me know what you think in the comments section below!

Just included the transcript of this too, in case you prefer to read it instead.
Download the TRANSCRIPT here: the-warrior-spirit (Right click and ‘Save As’)


I’ve Been Shot! (Alive and Thankful)

A few days ago I got shot (at point blank range) in an armed robbery.

I will tell the story here once so that I don’t have to explain it 1 million times over and over again. Ha ha ha.

Last Tuesday I was going to go pick up some friends and my car battery was dead. So I decided to jump in a taxi to go get them – this was in Paitilla, in Panama.

I finally flagged a taxi, and I saw some guys in the back, and asked where were the guys going. And the driver said:

“Don’t worry. I’ll just drop you off first”.

That was my biggest mistake in this whole situation.

So I sat in the front, and immediately the guy sitting behind me grabbed my shirt and tried to pin me to the seat.

Now, I’ve trained in self-defense and fighting in hand-to-hand combat for many years with Christophe Clugston. So I immediately reacted. I didn’t even have time to think about whether or not I should be reacting — I just reacted.

I probably scared the guy sitting behind the driver seat, so he shot me immediately. Only by the grace of God that I had my hands in the right place – which was on the side of my neck to grab the other assailant’s hands.

The bullet cut my left hand as it grazed the side, and then entered my right-hand and stopped in the wrist. Frankly, I didn’t know I was shot. At that point, I wasn’t feeling any pain. (On a side note, the doctor said that the muscle mass in my hands probably saved my life. God bless weightlifting.)

But I smelled the gunpowder, so I knew a bullet had gone off. So I just calmed down. I gave them my iPhone and my wallet, and asked if I could keep my IDs! Ha ha ha.

He said,

“Give me the wallet or I’ll shoot you again”.

I handed him the wallet, and I asked them to drop me off. (Another miracle is they just let me get out of the car without shooting me again).

At this point I saw I was bleeding from both hands. I wasn’t sure exactly where I was shot, because it was dark. But I was only a block from my penthouse. So I ran home, which was probably mistake because the blood really started pumping.

And when I got home, my wife called the ambulance and I canceled my credit cards, and canceled my date with my friend Glen Ledwell. I called him and said,

“Dude, I can’t see you tonight. Have just been shot. I’ve got to go to the hospital.”

To say he was shocked would be an understatement, ha ha.

Frankly, I am just filled with gratitude that I’m still alive and I can move. I went to the hospital and they took good care of me. I was out three days later.

The biggest price of this whole experience is my right-hand, which will be in a cast for 6 to 8 weeks. It will be hard for me to type, hard for me to train in the gym. But I love a great challenge, and it’ll be a good opportunity to get creative and have fun.

Thanks everyone for all the love, the humor and the support that you’ve given me. I want to thank all those who came and saw me in the hospital. Your love really helped me heal from the inside out. God bless you all. I love you all, and I’m glad to be here on this earth to continue the journey. Be careful, but don’t get jaded.

– Matt


Free Download – How To Systematize Your Business

Here’s a great NEW report from our friend Robert Rawson on making your business run like clockwork. You can download it for free below:

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As I’ve said before, SYSTEMS are the key to scaling your business. And, as Robert explains, this simply involves creating step-by-step procedures for how to do something in your business, then finding people to do it at a price that’s affordable.

Pay particular attention to the Tools and Resources Robert shares at the end too. A few of those were new at IPS and we’ll be trying them out ourselves…

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P.S. If you find it helpful, or have more tips to share, please let us know in the comments below…