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My Favorite Advertising Source Of The Moment

There’s hundreds of little tactical things you can
do to increase your existing profits.

If you’re NOT already make a profit, then
they’ll help optimize your business 1 step
closer to being in the black.

One of my favorite traffic sources right now is:

We are seeing tremendous return on investment
from these ads.

The key is to create an image that has an incredible
clickthrough rate (CTR).

A good CTR is 5% (for friends of friends).
3% is decent.

Below that you probably missed the mark.

Key note to maximizing profitability:
Don’t expand TOO FAR.

If you have around 10,000 fans – spend around $200.
Then you’ll hit all the friends of your fans and that’s how
you get a really good CTR (and cheap clicks).

If you go too far, you’ll end up with friends of friends of friends.
And your CTR will drop.

Again: remember that the IMAGE is the key.

And the most important thing always is to have a great: sales funnel.

Promoted post aren’t going to magically fix a broken marketing machine.

If you want a proven system that can help you build a profitable internet business
then I strongly suggest you use The Ultimate Business Building System.

Dedicated to helping you make more cake,
Matty G