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Optin Page Testing

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Optin pages are one of the very best places to learn split-testing. Why? Because you can get tons of results daily (even if you have only a little bit of traffic). You can really test tons and tons of... Read More »

Google Website Optimizer – Why Is Google Burying Their Split Testing Tool?

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From August 1 2012, Google Website Optimizer (GWO) will no longer be available to its users. That’s right, Google are taking their free split-testing tool off the market. Instead, they’ve made a new tool available inside their Google Analytics... Read More »

Split-Testing Your Way To Successful Advertising

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Here’s a quick overview of the main steps we recommend for creating ads in your market that convert: 1. Split test Text Ads in the ‘search’ and ‘display’ networks of Adwords to find a high-converting ad. 2. Take the... Read More »

Google Adwords – A Quick Guide To Crafting And Split Testing Ads

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Do you know my favorite part about Google Adwords? It’s the SPLIT TESTING capabilities. It’s a great place to test headlines, specific words, URLs and identify what works in your market. And best of all, it’s quick. You can... Read More »

The 7 Pillars of Effective Split Testing

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Here’s a real quick look at the “7 Pillars of Effective Split Testing”. These are some powerful guidelines to help you split-test effectively in your business: 1.    There Are No Rules – What works in one market might alienate... Read More »

Speed Is King

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In today’s hyper-wired world of satellites, and internet: speed is king. I once heard it said that 1 year on the internet is equal to 7 years offline. Nowadays, I think it’s more like 10 years or more. And... Read More »

Horizontal Testing vs. Vertical Testing

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There are 2 main phases to testing: 1.    Horizontal Testing 2.    Vertical Testing Most marketers aren’t aware of the differences and mainly use vertical testing in their marketing. So what’s the difference? Vertical testing is when you go DEEPER... Read More »

The Ultimate Value of Google Adwords

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99% of marketers think of Adwords as one of the best places to get traffic. And they’re mostly right. However, in my opinion the ULTIMATE VALUE of Adwords is the speed and ease of its split testing power. Quite... Read More »

Focusing on The Critical Factors of Profitability

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Time… resources… energy… are all very, very limited. That’s why you should be… focusing on the critical factors of profitability. There’s one big problem that marketers have when split testing: there’s an almost infinite number of options to test... Read More »